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Columns for a Historic Preservation

Image of architectural columns replaced in historic Mobile buildingA historic preservation project in Mobile, AL, resulted in Central City Millworks in New Orleans being contracted to replace the architectural columns.

Columns have been used as both structural and decorative architectural elements as far back as 4,600 years ago in ancient Egypt. And, of course, towering wooden columns have been icons of up-scale Southern living since before the Civil War.

But, as time takes its toll and historic preservation in New Orleans and across the South becomes a priority, the millwork fabrication and renovation expertise of Central City Millworks is called upon time after time.

And so, when porch columns needed to be replaced in a historic Mobile building, we were contracted to fabricate ones that matched the originals…continuing our legacy of helping to restore great historic structures to their former glory.

image of replacement porch column for historic building in Mobile

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