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CCM Built Clock Housing to Notice Time

It’s amazing how time usually goes unnoticed when dining at a good restaurant. Central City Millworks, however, was recently posed with somewhat of an irony – to make time noticeable.

For this project, we were asked to build a clock housing that would accent a bar front.


Our customer had a clock custom-made with the restaurant’s logo. Our job was to fabricate a housing for this clock to not only fit into but also to tie it in with the rest of the restaurant.

Central City Millworks designed and fabricated this housing using both old and new techniques much like the way both bars at the restaurant were built.

We used the CNC router to precisely cut layers of plywood that would make up the clock housing.

Skilled craftsmen then took these layers and applied veneer to match the rest of the millwork.

A custom molding was also designed, and knives were cut which craftsmen used to fabricate molding to trim the clock housing.

By combining old skills with new techniques in millwork fabrication, CCM made sure the superior seafood clock over the oyster bar definitely does not go unnoticed.


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