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Cherry Casework Replication for Local Hotel

Cherry casework replications awaiting installationWhen a local contractor contacted Central City Millworks about replicating existing casework as part of a hotel renovation, we knew that our CNC router would allow us to replicate the radius parts without any trouble.

Once correctly programmed by our CNC (Computer Numerical Control) programmer, Daniel Bell, the CNC router can cut each casework piece as a clone with exact precision. This technological advantage provides highly accurate production with significant time and cost savings.

Cherry cabinet replication for a New Orleans area hotelAs a result of our automated processes, local contractors choose Central City Millworks to fabricate items that would otherwise be technically difficult to produce or items in quantity that would otherwise be time intensive to produce.

While CCM is popular with local contractors, we regularly work with individual homeowners on their smaller projects. So, whether you are a local contractor or a homeowner…

Contact us today about replicating your existing millwork, or bring us your own design that we can help you create!

Newly fabricated cherry cabinet next to replicated cabinet

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