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One can not help but notice the difference between custom cabinets made specifically to fit your home and cabinets purchased off the shelf and out of the box.

Building high quality cabinets in New Orleans homes will occasionally pose challenges that are not faced in other cities, but generally, here as elsewhere, craftsmen face the dual challenges of craftsmanship (how good is good enough) and creativity (how can we do it better) on a daily basis. And in addition to the self-satisfaction of a job well done, much of the reward received by the craftsmen at Central City Millwork comes in the form of expressed customer satisfaction, such as posted on our Testimonials page.

How do we do every piece of cabinet craftsmanship?

Central City Millworks creates the detailed design of the custom cabinet millwork as CAD (computer-aided design) drawings. The CAD files were then loaded into our CNC (Computer Numerical Control) router to precisely fabricate the various parts of the cabinets. Because of the extreme precision with which each of parts were cut, all parts fit together perfectly.

One of the few CNC router's in New Orleans is at CCM

One of the few CNC routers in New Orleans is at CCM

Cabinets constructed with computerized accuracy allows for the option to use of specialty hardware (that requires highly accurate fitting) that can provide especially smooth operation. The CNC router can easily cut hidden mortises and tenons that ensures the highest quality joinery for optimum durability.

While CCM is popular with local contractors, we regularly work with individual homeowners on their smaller projects.

Below are some of the custom cabinets we created:

Want one for your own?

Bring in your ideas and our creative staff will help you design your cabinets to perfection. Your cabinets will be made locally, here at the mill shop, by our state-of-the-art CNC (Computer Numerical Control with 3 axis’) router.

Every New Orleans cabinet project, every craftsmanship and creativity challenge met is our fun way to make a living.