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Heart Pine Flooring

Central City Millwork’s reclaimed flooring department produces high quality heart pine flooring in grades varying from a premium grade quarter-sawn red, to a rustic antique yellow such as the images below.

Classic Grade: A traditional Reclaimed Heart Pine flooring. This grade offers an outstanding combination of the elegant beauty of the pine grain, along with the added character of more knotting and small nail holes (3% or less of the total surface area). This flooring has 70% or more of heartwood, a looser grain that is more diverse in appearance.

Number One Grade: The Number One Grade is our most popular flooring. The Reclaimed Heart Pine flooring has a consistent color and dense grain that is 100% heartwood. The flooring is 50% vertical grain or better and mixed with figured graining. There are occasional knots, up to 1 1/2″ in diameter and a few small nail holes to add to the visual beauty.

Premier Vertical Heart Pine: The long straight Quarter sawn Vertical Heart Pine flooring is the most formal of the grades. It is 100% heartwood, free of knots and consisting of a tight grain 80% vertical or better. This exceptional Reclaimed Heart Pine flooring will provide an elegant look to your home.

Distressed Antique Grade: The most rustic looking of the four floors, this casual flooring contains a higher number of nail holes, staining and knots giving the flooring a hearty character. The welcoming quality of this provincial flooring will bring the a warm and welcoming feeling into your home. This grade of Reclaimed Heart Pine is 80% heartwood, with a distinct mixed grain.

For Central City Millworks, it is not only an environmental but also a financial imperative to get the most use out of our reclaimed products. We pride ourselves in finding use for as much of the waste products of our operation as possible (saw dust, rippings, beam skins).

There are several variables that will determine if the wood will yield high quality flooring for our New Orleans millwork projects.

  • Color: Should be red versus yellow or white.
  • Density: Should have tight growth rings, 15-25+ rings per inch which indicates the beams were cut from old growth trees.
  • Checking: How many cracks or splits are in the beams?
  • Nails, Bolts & Spikes: All metal must be removed from the beams before milling can begin to protect our equipment as well as our team members. The more nails etc… in the beams, the more time, labor, and cost required to remove them. We remove any visible nails and then use hand held metal detectors to find any subsurface metal.

Our millwork shop had the source for the salvaged heart pine, and has the capability to store, handle, de-nail, cut, and mill heart pine timbers.

These are some of the beautiful Heart Pine flooring by CCM:

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