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Memphis St. Custom Entertainment Center Project

At the outset of this Memphis Street project, Central City Millworks evaluated various methods of fabricating a new entertainment center and mantle to fit over and on either side of an existing stone fireplace.

The old stone fire place

The old stone fireplace

CCM encountered uncertainties in regards to the most appropriate method of fitting the wooden components over the rough stone finish.

It was determined that fabricating a heavy crown and band consisting of African Mahogany to attach the entertainment center to the wall was the most appropriate design option.

CCM developed the heavy crown and band, and then performed measurements that determined the band needed to extend another quarter inch to allow the cabinet system to be appropriately fastened.

A method of developing a mantle piece consisting of a series of interlocking rectangular shaped wooden components was then evaluated.

The new entertainment center

The new entertainment center

After using a miter saw to perform the precise cuts required to attach the mantle to the fireplace, CCM determined that the components did not appropriately fit the mantle, and that the highly precise cuts required utilizing Central City Millworks’ Computer Numeric Control (CNC) machine.

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