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Millwork for a Metairie Louisiana Church

Metairie church organ screen fitted on Central City Millworks shop floor

Arched organ screen fitted on Central City Millworks’ shop floor

Last year, Robert Bodet, the architect for Mulholland Church asked Central City Millworks to assist him creating an organ screen for their church’s rear wall and organ room. He had designed a cathedral arch with ornate nested Gothic arches combined to fill the existing rear wall behind the choir.

The church was in the process of adding additional pipes to their pipe organ, and to accomplish this they expanded into a storage room behind the rear wall of the church. Since parts of the enlarged organ were installed in the storage room, it needed to be connected to the main church acoustically, but they did not want to open up the area behind the choir. The solution by Mr. Bodet was to open the rear wall of the church and install a white screen fabric (like a speaker fabric) on the old rear wall.

installation of metairie church millworkCentral City Millworks was asked to have the screen built, finished with oak stained wood to match the existing organ box and pews, fitted perfectly to the existing curved roof arch joists, and installed within three days so that regular services were not interrupted.

Our first challenge was to take the architect’s design and create a large wall-crafted piece of woodwork, befitting its prominent placement as the main focal point of the church yet keep it within a reasonable budget. Our design team and our CNC programmer worked with the architect to develop a plan. The base layer of the screen was to be intricately cut from an oak veneered panel in modular sections that would be pieced together on site. To give it a dimensional custom look, we cut special oak moldings to overlay the base piece. The moldings had to be glue lam curved to fit the arch. All the vertical legs of the screen had triangular molding applied to the base.

The architect’s vision, combined with our wood working expertise, created the perfect solution. We finished the piece in our paint department, moved it on site, and completed the installation ahead of schedule in two days.

Completed Metairie church organ screen

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