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CCM Selected to Build Air Jordan Pop-up Store

Nike Air Jordan pop-up store built for NBA All-star game

Air Jordan Store Before

In mid-January, Central City Millworks was commissioned by Hal Collums Construction to digitally fabricate a facade for an Air Jordan “pop-up store” built for the NBA All-Star Game being held in New Orleans. This store would be located in the heart of the city on the corner of New Orleans’ most notorious streets of Canal and Bourbon with the historic French Quarter as a backdrop. The eye-catching, sleek modern façade of the store was designed to draw huge crowds to promote, display, and the sale and display of the latest Nike and Air Jordan Collection.

The design of the Air Jordan store was conceived by the New York group of Tangram Exhibitors International. Central City Millworks was involved in the process from the concept phase through the final fabrication and installation. As the project evolved and the design was developed, CCM was integrally involved in making adjustments to the design to achieve the look that Tangram and Air Jordan desired in the time allotted.

Our biggest challenge was an extremely fast track schedule to open prior to the week of the All-Star Game

The biggest challenge was an extremely fast track schedule to have the store open prior to the week of the All-Star Game. The time frame required the design and installation of the facade to be completed in less than 2 weeks. CCM was able to step up to the challenge by employing the use of our CNC router to create modular units that were to be installed. The panels for the facade were cut out of exterior grade MDF, and factory painted in-house prior to being transported to the job site to be installed. The CNC router allowed us to be precise during fabrication and ensure that minimal effort was needed during installation – since we had no extra time for any inaccuracies.

Attaching facade to the Nike Air Jordan pop-up store in New Orleans

Our skilled craftsmen worked day and night to meet the fast-track deadline

The design and nature of this project required us to thoughtfully consider for how we were going to fabricate and install. Since the “pop-up store” was only going to function during the week of the All-Star Game, the design and construction choices made needed to ensure quick and economical fabrication as well as achieving the look of a sleek factory-finished retail store. And once the NBA All-Star game was over, all work needed to be taken down without doing any permanent damage to the historic building.

We were honored to be a part of bringing something new to New Orleans and proud to be part of the celebration as New Orleans is in the national spotlight hosting this year’s NBA All-Star Game.

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