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Revival of Marigny Home to Historic Beauty

When a local Marigny business owner considered a historic renovation of her shotgun style home in the Marigny neighborhood of New Orleans, she knew that she would have to her work cut out. Decades of modifications that left it void of many of its historical elements would need to be peeled back.

Since its construction in the 19th Century, most of its original charm had been stripped away with changes that favored cheaper and more popular products of various times. Historic wood windows and doors were replaced with smaller factory produced aluminum units.

The owner even said that the home had a dropped ceiling installed that hid over four feet of the original home’s ceiling height. With a background in construction, the owner planned to do most of the renovation work herself.  As she began demolishing the interior of the building, she was pleased to discover what was behind all of those layers.

The original house was masonry walled construction, with typical large openings for the doors and windows, some of which were completely covered over time. Seeing the building’s bare bones, the home owner began planning her renovation. On the interior, she was planning to create an open floor plan for contemporary living.

On the exterior, she wanted to add the historic charm that was lost over the many decades. For that she came to Central City Millworks for help. Since all of the original historic millwork items had been removed, we worked with her to develop new doors and windows that were historically appropriate for the building that would add the beauty back to the building’s facades.

sc1.1035marigny-60Tall French doors with operable transoms were fabricated that brought back the original proportions of the building. The window openings were filled with CCM’s historic style hung wood windows. Our windows are produced with many of the same construction methods that allowed older windows to last for over a century in many cases. They also match many of the details that make them an appropriate replacement for almost all historic properties. Like almost all of our exterior millwork items, these units were constructed of Spanish Cedar wood due to its resilience in the Southern Louisiana climate and the outdoor elements. In this case, the units were finished in a beautiful stain that helped showcase the richness of the wood and add a nice contrast to the building’s exterior.


The owner was also conscious of creating a modern home and wanted to add items that were energy efficient. CCM was there to help with that as well. As an added option, these items incorporated the use of double insulated glass with a Low-E coating to prevent energy loss in the typical areas that historic homes face. CCM also utilizes a modern weather stripping that helps seal the window and door units from air leaks and also adds a much smoother motion for the window operation.

We were pleased to work with this home owner restore this house to its beautiful appearance and also add value and historic character back to the New Orleans’ Marigny neighborhood.

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